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Hello to anyone reading this! This is my blog which I'm writing to look at things that take my fancy with a Christian twist, I am nowhere near the last authority on any of this, that's the Bible, God's word, but I thought I'd share my thoughts so that you might have something to think about or share with friends.

God Bless

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Step out and challenge 1

I should really be going to bed now, got church in the morning and I'm not a morning person usually. I'm not sure what I want to write about but I've been thinking about my testimony recently, mainly because I'm telling it to my CU on Tuesday. I am pretty sure I'm a testament  to what my campus's CU does since it's through them I am who I am today, obviously my  life beforehand has a lot to do with it as well but I owe some of it to the CU and the people I've met there as well. I'd just like to take this chance to encourage each and every one of you who read this to really be adamant in your mission in your life, God isn't small at all in fact He's probably bigger than this universe and we haven't finished discovering that yet, so  don't be afraid by people challenging what you do or questions you don't know the answer to. Be yourself! Be like Jesus! People will turn away from you, people will mock you and others will care and love you, Jesus is the prime example of that and we are to follow Him and  will suffer, to a lesser extent, like He did. Do not be afraid in this world because it is God's, the cross was reconciling the whole of creation. You are part of something so much greater than one man with intellect beyond yours, you are part of a kingdom that endures forever, take confidence in it and stand for what you believe in.
I'm going to set a challenge for myself over the next two weeks, that's until my exams are over. The challenge is thus; in ever conversation I have, I'll  try and get Jesus and/or the Gospel in it, with Christians talking about the blessing He has given me, with non-Christians the same but also introducing them to God's love as well. I know I can't expect any of you on the other side of the computer screen to keep directly accountable but I'll try and post each night about conversations I've had and how God has been moving.
I invite anyone else to join me in this, perhaps set your own time limit and do it with other friends who you might want to work with, build up in faith and encourage so that you can all know the goodness of Christ even more in your lives. I've just realised I will probably be leaving over the till small talk out of this for now since it doesn't quite seem the place but otherwise I shall try to put it in.
Best  of luck to those who embark on this with me and any prayers would be cool!

God Bless.

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