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Hello to anyone reading this! This is my blog which I'm writing to look at things that take my fancy with a Christian twist, I am nowhere near the last authority on any of this, that's the Bible, God's word, but I thought I'd share my thoughts so that you might have something to think about or share with friends.

God Bless

Monday, May 28, 2012

challenge 3

So I didn't get God into all my conversations today, that said I didn't talk much today either. I am however starting to use the bible a lot more in my status and hopefully that will work some magic in itself. I have however noted that I feel a bit on the God ball as it were, I read my bible for a considerable amount of time and prayed more than I usually do during the day so perhaps my attitudes are in fact turning towards God more than I expect with just the notion of doing this. All I can say is that I kind of expect it to increase more if I actually succeed but we'll see. How are any of you doing, if you are trying this? Comment if you want, but hopefully my results already are encouraging you to do it yourself.

God Bless

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