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Hello to anyone reading this! This is my blog which I'm writing to look at things that take my fancy with a Christian twist, I am nowhere near the last authority on any of this, that's the Bible, God's word, but I thought I'd share my thoughts so that you might have something to think about or share with friends.

God Bless

Friday, June 15, 2012


So I'm not quite sure what to write now, after my last post being so big and honest and hopefully touching people to look at what's in their life. Well I'll start by saying what's happened recently with what is most notable to me. I'd say God is getting me out of my sexual immorality.  I haven't masturbated since Sunday and my view of girls is definitely moving more towards who they are rather than what they are, with the fact that when I start to look at what they are it feels more wrong than it has done ever before. So yeah I thought I'd share that with you.
Nextly I can't think of something grandiose to talk about but I am thinking of making apologetics my next string of things to talk about. It's a passion and I believe every Christian should be equipped with it but I hope to discuss apologetics and then look at the 10 questions Christians hope no one will ask according to a book of the same title.

So hope you'll be reading along for that, if not just trundle through the stuff in the rest of this blog. I'd like to think there are some crackers in there.

God Bless

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